Provale is the Professional Rugby Players’ Union , responsible for  defending  professional players’ rights and interests everywhere on French territory.

In 1995 professionalism began to emerge in rugby.
A first players’ movement was set up on the initiative of international players at the time (Philippe Saint-André, Emile Ntamack, Laurent Cabannes and Laurent Bénézech) but it did not last owning to lack of means.

It wasn’t until 1998 that  professional rugby was really formed in France with the creation of the National Rugby League.
Eager for players to be heard in this new context ,the international players Jean-Marc Lhermet and Emile Ntamack with the help of their peers Rémi  Trémoulet, Jean-Michel Delgado and Pascal Valleau formed the SNJR ( the National Union of Rugby Players) on 12th February 1998.

On 8th October 2001, the SNJR changed its name and became Provale, the Professional Rugby Players’ Union.

On 29th March 2005, after many months of negotiation between Provale, the Union of Professional Rugby Clubs and the Union of Tech XV  coaches under the auspices of the National Rugby League, the Collective Agreement  of Professional Rugby was signed by all parties. For the first time, rugby saw the rights and duties of players, coaches and clubs set  in stone. To-day this text is still a reference for professional relations between the different parties involved in our sport.

Finally in August 2015, Provale created a SARL ( a limited liability company) called Provale Formation ( Provale Training) in order to develop their offer of specific training for professional players .

Successive Chairmen

1998 – 2000 : Jean-Marc Lhermet
2000 – 2006 : Serge Simon
2006 – 2010 : Sylvain Deroeux
2010 – 2012 : Mathieu Blin
2012 – 2014 : Serge Simon

On  6th October 2014, Robins Tchale Watchou was elected Chairman of Provale for a term of 4 years.  He is head of a steering committee of 10 elected members. The organization consists of 12 employees.

Agence XV is a non- profit organization which was  created in February 2004 at the wish of Provale, the French Rugby Federation  and the National Rugby League in order to set up a structure offering players training and professional reorientation courses.
“ One day , you too , will be former rugby players!”. This is the message we address to the players that we support every day in the following two areas:
 - Professional Reorientation