Since 2007, Provale has been writing and editing  books : TRONCHES DE RUGBY on an entirely charitable basis . This original idea came from our desire to let rugby players and other participants in our sport take part in an editorial adventure focusing on such themes as brotherhood in rugby, women in rugby  or news  items like World Cups , the centenary of the First World War  or the Olympic Games. Throughout the seasons since the first edition, numerous former and current male and female rugby players have contributed to the writing and the photography of these books to serve different causes that they have been defending for nine years. The books with their intimate portraits and accounts of the most magnificent memories have given readers the chance to discover another facet of our sporting talents.

In a click discover these 9 books still available in one or more copies covering the last seasons.

Tronches De Rugby Amoureux | Provale
27,00 €
Tronches de rugby_Au cœur du 7 olympique_Provale_Solidarité
Au cœur du 7 olympique
27,00 €
Tronches de Rugby 8 - Provale
Bêtes noires
27,00 €
Tronches de Rugby 7 - Provale
25,00 €
Tronches de Rugby 6 - Provale
Soeurs d'armes
25,00 €
Tronches de Rugby 5 - Provale
Mordus !
25,00 €
Tronches de Rugby 4 - Provale
Des hommes et des rêves
25,00 €
Tronches de Rugby 3 - Provale
2009/2010 – Frères de jeu
25,00 €
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