contrat de travail
Important changes regarding employment contract for professional rugby players.
In two recent judgments (21 September 2017), the social chamber of the "Cour de Cassation" changed its traditional jurisprudence regarding employment contract. From now on, the start date, the salary and the benefits in kind (house, car) agreed in a pre-contract are no longer sufficient to confirm the existence of a working relationship between a club and a player. 
It's now up to the player to return as soon as possible a signed version of the pre-contract to his future employer to show his acceptance of the offer. The player can return a signed version of the contract by email or certified mail to ensure that the working relationship is effective before the employer can freely withdrawn his offer before the end of the period fixed by the pre contract or before a reasonable time.
To make sure that you're protected you must return the pre-contract as soon as possible to your future employer, it's the only way for you to be protected and to make sure that your employment rights are covered. 
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