Provale’s steering committee consists of 11 elected members, all current and/or former male and female rugby  players  :
  • Robins Tchale Watchou – Chairman
  • Antoine Battut – Vice-Chairman
  • Safi N’Diaye –  Secretary General
  • Gaëlle Mignot – Treasurer
  • Matthew Clarkin – Deputy Secretary-General
  • Pierre Rabadan
  • Laurent Baluc-Rittener
  • Olivier Caisso
  • Julien Candelon
  • Tom Ecochard

Robins Tchale Watchou
A professional player for Montpellier Hérault Rugby since 2013.
Position: Second row
Successive Clubs
 Up to 2005 : Dschang University Rugby -  Cameroon
2005-2006 : Stade aurillacois
2006-2007 : UA Gaillac
2007-2008 : FC Auch Gers
2008-2009 : Stade Français Paris
2009-2013 : USA Perpignan
Track record
-Finalist in French Championship (2010)
-European Challenge Cup winner(2015)
Caps: Cameroon (1), Barbarians (6)
 As chairman of Provale, Robins Tchale Watchou represents the voice of players within French and international institutions.

Antoine Battut
Professional player for Montpellier Hérault Rugby since2014.
Position: Third row
Previous clubs
1998-2001 : US Montauban
2001-2006 : Stade Toulousain
2006-2008 : FC Auch
2008-2010 : US Montauban
2010-2014 : Racing Métro 92
Track record
Rugby Pro D2 winner (2008)
Caps: France Universitaire, France Rugby Sevens, France A ( Churchill Cup 2010)
Provale reference files : Communication and Partnerships/Finance/ EU Athletes

Safi N'Diaye
Player for Montpellier Hérault Rugby since 2011.
Position: Third row
Previous club: Castres Olympique
Track record
  • Double champion for France (2005/2011)
  •  Three- time champion for  France (2013/2014/2015)
  •  Grand Slam (2014)
  • Winner of Six Nations Tournament  (2016)
  • 4th in World Championships(2010)
  • 3rd in World Championships (2014)
Caps : 45
Provale reference files : Women, Federal

Gaëlle Mignot
 Player for Montpellier Hérault Rugby since 2007.
 Captain since 2012.
 Position: Hooker
Track record
  • Four times champion for France (2009/2013/2014/2015)
  • Grand Slam(2014)
  • Winner of 6 Nations Tournament (2016)
  • 4th in World Championships (2010)
  • 3rd in World Championships (2014)
Caps : 57
Captain of French team since 2014
 Provale reference files :  International Affairs 

Matthew Clarkin
Former professional player.
Position: Number 8
Successive clubs
2003-2004 : Club Athlétique Bordeaux Bègles
2004-2010: US Montauban
2010-2016 : Union Bordeaux-Bègles
Track record
Champion of France ProD2 (2006)
Caps: Barbarians (1)
 Provale reference files :  Finance/ FNASS (A French association for social and health issues)

Pierre Rabadan
Former professional player.
Position: Flanker
Successive clubs
Up to 1998: Pays d’Aix RC
1998-2015 : Stade Français Paris
Track record
  • Five times champion of France (2000/2003/2004/2007/2015)
  • European Challenge finalist (2001/2013)
  • Championship of France finalist (2005)
  • European Cup finalist (2005)
  •  European Cup finalist (2001)
  • Champion of France Reichel (1999)
Caps: 2(2004), France A, UNSS ( Schools rugby), France -19, France -21, France Universitaire, France Sevens, Barbarians (10).

Laurent Baluc-Rittener
Former professional player.
Position : Flanker /Number 8
Successive clubs
2002-2005 : RC Narbonne
2005-2006 : CS Bourgoin-Jallieu
2006-2008 : RC Narbonne
2008-2013 : SC Albi
2013-2015 : US Colomiers
Since 2015 : Avenir Castanéen (31)
 Track record
  • Champion of France Pro D2  (2010)
  • Pro D2 Finalist (2011)
Caps : France A (2), France universitaire (3), France Sevens
Provale reference files :   Women’s Rugby, Federal, Professional Retraining

Olivier Caisso
Professional player for  US Montauban since 2015.
 Position: Second row
Successive clubs
2001-2002 : RC Pertuis
2002-2003 : Bugey Olympic Club Belley
2003-2005 : FC Grenoble
2005-2007 : RC Toulon
2007-2009 : FC Auch   
2009-2011 : US Colomiers
2011-2015 : CA Brive
Since 2015 : US Montauban
Track record
  •  Champion of France universitaire (2006 et 2008)
  •  Semi-finalist in France Espoirs(under 23) Championship (2006)
Caps : France under 21s, France Universitaire
Provale reference files : legal/health

Julien Candelon
Professional Rugby Sevens player since 2012
 Former professional player.
Position: Wing three- quarter
 Successive clubs 1988-1995 : U.S Tournon d'Agenais
1995-1996 : C.A Villeneuve-sur-Lot
1996-1997 : SU Agen
1997-2003 : Stade toulousain
2003-2007 : RC Narbonne
2007-2012 : USA Perpignan
Since2012 : France Sevens Club
Track record
  • France Crabos Champion (1999)
  • France Espoir(under 23) Champion (2003)
  • Champion of France (2009)
  • 3rd in European Sevens Championship(2012)
  • 5th in World Sevens Championship (2013)
  •  European Sevens Vice-champion (2013)
  •  European Sevens Champion (2014)
  • European Sevens Champion (2015)
Caps : 2005), France A, France Sevens, Barbarians (1)
Provale reference files :   International Affairs

Tom Ecochard
Professional   player  for USA Perpignan (since 2012).
Position : Scrum half
Track record:    
  • France U17 Taddei Champion (2009)
  • FIRA U18 Europe Champion (2010)
Provale reference files : Professional Retraining
The organization has 12 employees:
Sophie Coste
Jean-François Reymond
Administrative Department
Shirley Speziale- Administrative Assistant- Provale/AgenceXV
 Legal Department
Amélie Guerrini- Legal Department Assistant-Provale
 Players’ Network Department
  • Gwendoline Calvet-Players’ Network Assignment Project Manageress-Provale
  • Yannick Lacrouts - Players’ Network Assignment Manager-Provale
 Finance Department             
  •   Juan-Martin Berberian  - Taxation and Finance Manager- Provale 
Training and Professional Reorientation Department
  • Laure Vitou-Assignment Manageress for Training and Professional Reorientation / Project Leader for Training – Provale
  • Lucas Bouty- Assignment Manager for Training and Professional Reorientation –AgenceXV
Communication Department
  • Marie Averland -  Head of Communication and Partnerships-Provale
  • Mathilde Lacrouts- Communications Officer-Provale/AgenceXV
Sophie Coste
Position held since october 2017.
Contact : sophie.coste@provale.net / 06 70 32 45 13

Jean-François Reymond
Position held since november 2017.
Contact : 06 67 71 33 23
Shirley Speziale
 Position held since July 2013.
 Shirley is in charge of the administrative department for both Provale and Agence XV ( telephone reception, invoicing, and arranging  meetings and logistics for the organization). She will also put you in contact with the department of your choice.
Contact : contact@provale.net / 06 77 34 32 33
Amélie Guerrini
 Position held since October 2015.
Amélie is in charge of Provale’s legal department for male and female rugby players. She is there to answer any questions ranging from advice by telephone to taking charge of a file, whether it concerns an individual or a collective dispute. She is also present at all the meetings with the National Rugby League: legal committee, joint committee and Federal 1 committee, etc
Contact : amelie.guerrini@provale.net / 06 50 25 75 37
Gwendoline Calvet
 Position held since April 2005.
 Gwendoline is in charge of managing the Players’ Network. She is in regular contact with the players ’representatives (2 to 4 players per club) and her missions include getting players to become members and promoting the union’s services.
 She takes part in the tour of the clubs (Top14, Pro D2, Top 8, and Federal 1 ) and works in constant collaboration with Yannick Lacrouts.
Clubs Concerned:
Contact : gwendoline.calvet@provale.net / 06 87 71 74 04
 Yannick Lacrouts
 Position held since August 2014.
Yannick is in charge of managing the Players’ Network.  He is in regular contact with the players ’representatives (2 to 4 players per club)   and his missions include getting players to become members and promoting the union’s services.
 He takes part in the tour of the clubs (Top14, Pro D2, Top 8, and Federal 1 ) and works in constant collaboration with Gwendoline Calvet
Clubs Concerned:
Contact : yannick.lacrouts@provale.net / 06 85 76 65 76
Juan-Martin Berberian
 Position held since June 2012.
« Juan »is in charge of Provale’s finance department. His mission is to give players the best support possible on financial and tax matters, to advise them about investments and to help them to complete their tax returns and to follow up procedures.
 He also tours the clubs with Gwendoline Calvet and Yannick Lacrouts and on such occasions has personal interviews with players.
Contact : juan.martin-berberian@provale.net / 06 87 53 33 47
Lucas Bouty
Position held since March 2008
Lucas is the assignment manager for training and professional reorientation at Agence XV. He advises and guides players beginning the process of professional reorientation. In conjunction with dedicated organizations he focuses on finding training courses that are best adapted to the players’ needs. He also works in close collaboration with Laure Vitou to set up in-house training sessions for the players.
Lucas submits rugby players’ requests for financing to the Commission d’Aide à la Reconversion.( the Committee for Assistance for Professional Reorientation)
Contact : lucas.boutyt@provale.net / 06 77 80 31 09
Laure Vitou
Position held since November 2015.
 Laure is the assignment manageress for training and professional reorientation at Provale . She mostly designs and gives in-house courses for rugby players.
 In collaboration with Lucas Bouty she also advises and guides players who want to prepare their professional reorientation.
She is in charge of supporting English speaking players in particular.
 Laure  alternates with Christophe Gaubert to accompany players  when they visit training centres.
Contact : laure.vitou@provale.net / 06 81 88 62 39
Marie Averland
Position held since September 2001.
Marie is responsible for communication and partnerships. She is in charge of developing communication tools ( CRM, (customer relationship management), the Internet site, the Mag,  a Newsletter , brochures etc), Provale’s partnerships and of organizing events. She manages the annual non-profit publication (Tronches de Rugby) which is now in its 9th edition.
She works in collaboration with Mathilde Lacrouts on all communication files, press relations and social networks.
Contact : marie.averland@provale.net / 06 88 40 88 14
Mathilde Lacrouts
Position held since October 2009.
 Mathilde is in charge of communication. She writes all of «The Mag »  a quarterly magazine), the monthly Newsletter , Internet site articles and produces all the videos.
She works in collaboration with Marie Averland on all communication files, press relations and social networks.
mathilde.lacrouts@provale.net / 06 47 19 73 79

Candice Boulanger
Position held since August 2017.
Candice is projetc manager training/reconversion
Contact : candice.boulanger@provale.net / 06 67 71 39 18
Provale is a French Rugby institution and sits on different committees.

  • Steering Committee ( guest)
  • General Assembly (guest)
  • Training Committee FRF and NRL (1 seat)
  • Medical Monitoring Committee (1 seat)
  • Agents’ Committee (1 seat)
  • The Players’ Status Committee for F1 ( 1 seat)
  •  Joint Committee of The Players’ Status Committee for F1( with Tech XV, Cosmos, in the presence of the FRF)

       -Steering Committee (1 seat)
       -General  Assembly  (1 seat)
       - Training Committee NRL (guest)
       - Medical Committee (guest)
      - Legal Committee (1 seat)
       - Commission for Reorientation Assistance (2 seats)
       - Joint Committee CCRP ( professional rugby collective agreement)( with Tech XV ,the UCPR
   ( union of professional rugby clubs) in the presence of the NFL.)

 -  The Players’ Status Committee for F1 (holidays, minimum salaries, provident schemes, training funds )
 - Professional Rugby Collective Agreement(holidays, minimum salaries, provident schemes, training funds)
- National Sport Collective Agreement  (professional sport and training funds)

-International players’ bonus


 The IRPA is the world representative organization for professional rugby players.
 It represents players at World Rugby and intervenes on questions of international importance about rugby and all the actors involved. Provale is therefore part of the IRPA alongside the different unions in the whole spectrum of competitions and countries in the rugby planet. In all, the IRPA defends the interests of over 5000 professional rugby players.

EU  ATHLETES – European Athletes Association http://www.euathletes.org/

EU ATHLETES is a federation of European associations and unions for high performance sports people. EU Athletes represents more than 35 national associations and 25,000 individual athletes across the continent and across sport disciplines.  Provale has been involved with EU ATHLETES for many years now and with the other unions , supports,  in particular the dual training project ( sport and education):Dual Career Project  http://www.protect-integrity.com/. Provale and EU ATHLETES  have also started a campaign to inform  sports people of the strict ban on  betting on the sport that they play: Protect Integrity Project (http://www.protect-integrity.com/ )

EU ATHLETES representatives via Uni Global Union (http://www.uniglobalunion.org/fr)  participate  in European Union  discussions on all questions concerning sport and in particular on issues about the status and protection of sports people.
EU ATHLETES is also a member of EU Anti-Doping  and represents athletes at different international sport  governing bodies and committees: the World Anti-Doping Agency(https://www.wada-ama.org/fr ),the French National Olympic and Sport Committee (http://franceolympique.com/index.phtml )…

The National Federation of Associations and Sport Unions
(Fédération Nationale d’ Associations et des Syndicats de Sportifs – FNASS)

Created in 1992 under the chairmanship of Alain Giresse The National Federation of Associations and Sport Unions ( FNASS) is today a federation of unions representing athletes  ( SAF , French Athletes Union), basketball players (SNB, National Basketball Players Union) ,cyclists (UNCP ,National Union of Professional Cyclists)footballers (UNFP, National Union of Professional Footballers),handball players (AJPH , Association of Professional Handball Players) and rugby players ( Provale).
Since December 2008 it has been chaired by Sylvain Kasterdeuch and represents some 3,500 professional sports people who play in France. Provale’s chairman Robins Tchale Watchou is also vice chairman  of the FNASS  and is an active participant during  social and political talks about French sport in this union federation. In particular he defends the rights of all employees in the sector through the CCNS ( The National Sport Collective Agreement )

CPNEF Sport (National Joint Commission for Emplyment and Training)
The CPNEF (National Joint Commission for Employment and Training) was formed on 8th June 2000. It is entrusted with putting in place all the necessary means to carry out the following objectives concerning employment and training :

- To strengthen the means of reflection and action of the professional sector in all fields connected with employment and vocational training.
- To work on making sure that employment and vocational training are recognized by companies in the sector as decisive factors of an innovative social policy.
- To develop a policy for the sector  on employment as well as training .