Legal Department

This department provides advice, expertise and support concerning legal issues to all members as well as defending the interests of rugby players before different rugby authorities.

Provale ensures support and legal expertise for all its members in matters of :
 Contracts: analyses of offers made by clubs ( contracts , commitments , pre-contracts)transfer periods , procedures for contract resiliation, breach of contract,etc…
 Health: help in dealings with insurance, advice about the various procedures connected to health, GMF (a private insurance company for civil servants) expertise, insurance policies, classification consequences due to spinal cord injuries etc…
Miscellaneous legal problems: help with employer-player relations, non -payment of remuneration, club or association bankruptcy, etc…



Network Department

This department provides a direct and preferential link between players and Provale .There is permanent contact between it and the players chosen as ambassadors by their team mates to ensure communication throughout the season.

The main missions of this department are not only to transmit useful information to the players but  also to collect their questions, comments and any other needs that are later dealt with by the different Provale departments.
Every season two group visits to all the professional clubs ( Top 14 and Pro D2) take place.
Visits  are also organised with teams from Federal 1 as well as with the female rugby players from the Top 8 .
On these occasions the different Provale departments are presented to the players using various bilingual tools, ( brochures, videos of players ....) and also in group discussions . Numerous topics are treated ( betting ,doping, health etc... )
After these group visits , Gwendoline and Yannick , employees in the department , receive the players who have requested individual interviews in order to discuss their more personal problems. These are then transmitted to the relevant Provale departments.
During these visits Gwendoline and Yannick have the opportunity to distribute membership forms to all players present who in a few minutes can join the ranks of members for the season.
Finally, twice during the season, all the training centres as well as Pôle France ( an exclusive training centre for high level players) ) are committed to organizing sessions to raise players’ awareness of the need to manage their professional careers.
 The following can become members of the union of professional rugby players :
  • Professional players (Top 14 and Pro D2)
  • Players with a training agreement
  • Players from Federal1,2,and 3
  • Players from Rugby 7s
  • Women’s teams
  • Former players



Taxation and Finance Departement

The taxation/ finance department offers advice and support to rugby players by informing them about the different options on how to manage their assets.
  • Our department  proposes to players  an in -depth analysis of their civil status and of their sport and assets situation  while  taking into account their objectives and ambitions.  This analysis should help them to have information about all possible existing measures concerning tax optimisation and to find the strategy that is best suited to their situation.
     Moreover this analysis also helps players to consider all their options about how to save           or invest their money and points out the advantages and disadvantages of each option.
               Recommendations are made bearing this in mind and the players have control over their  
  • Our taxation/finance department also allows players to benefit  from  a second opinion before embarking on an operation ( tax exemption, financial and / or stock exchange investments,…. ) proposed by a third party ( friends and acquaintances , bankers , agents   independent  assets managers ,…..).
  • This department in Provale also gives players help to fill out their tax returns by putting at their disposal all the tools necessary to simulate and complete their declarations .
  • To open a file , the players can contact the taxation/ finance department throughout the year  and organize an individual appointment , either in person or by Skype and so begin to work on their situation. This service is reserved for members and is strictly confidential.

Provale Formation

PROVALE  FORMATION  is a training organization for professional and high performance sports people focusing on offering them training courses that will enable them to prepare their professional reorientation.

PROVALE FORMATION offers training courses adapted to the rhythm of the sport calendars.

After conducting a survey on the training needs of rugby players in activity, the following offer of customized training courses  has been designed for the 2016/2017 season:
  •  «Business Unit  Management », a training course built jointly with Toulouse Business School leading to a diploma Level 2 ( Baccalauréat +3/4)
This diploma called BADGE, addresses all the topics that an executive or a future executive, a business manager, or a head of department or sector may be confronted with. Participants acquire a mastery of the tools necessary for management, HR, administration, finance, or marketing in order to succeed in managing a business entity.
  •  “BPJEPS Fitness and Strength Gymnastic Activities”, a diploma for those who wish to become fitness trainers or sports coaches in partnership with the Stade Montois association.
  •  “ All Types of Businessmen”a  programme aimed at players who want to start a project or  take over a business and would like to develop it.
  • “Key skills”, customized personal support to improve written and oral skills, FLE (a diploma in French as a foreign language) foreign languages,…..
  • Manage effectively your return to employment”, personal help to return to employment : CV,covering letter, identifying employment offers, interviews,…
  • « Management and You », a short group training programme in management for English speaking players.
  • “Dynamic Assessment” personalized help aimed at defining a professional reorientation project by giving step by step keys to build a realistic and feasible career.
 Incidentally PROVALE TRAINING is in the process of obtaining the OPQF ISO (a French professional office for  training qualification ), a Quality Label which certifies the organization’s capacity to ensure a quality service in the training specialities that it offers .



Professional Reorientation Department

The mission of  Agence XV  is to provide training and professional reorientation courses and to give help to present and former players from TOP 14 or Pro D2 clubs to return to employment.

 Provale and the National Rugby League worked together to create Agence XV ( a non -profit organization) on February 9th 2004 and was joined by the French Rugby Federation in 2005.
“ Life goes on after a rugby player’s career but it needs to be prepared”
This more or less  sums up Agence XV’s mission which focuses on :
  • Actions to inform players of the need to prepare their professional  reorientation;
  • An assessment enabling players to be supported and orientated towards training courses adapted to their needs  and to be  helped  in finding funding; 
  •  Personalised follow-up throughout their career concerning  employment training.
 Agence XV empowers new and future rugby players in their profession by giving them a yearly training in professional club training centres on the management of the non-sport aspects of their career ( contracts , insurance , relations with sports’ agents , rights and duties etc…)
 Ultimately Agence XV is a tool available for clubs concerned about the training and the professional  reorientation of players. It gives them advice and strategy in training engineering. In the course of the seasons, partnerships have been developed between clubs and Agence XV  fostering  different reorientation actions for the players.
 Every season Agence XV helps more than 300 players to prepare for their return to employment.
 It has also worked on developing  a network of companies likely to be interested in the profile of professional rugby players seeking reorientation. With this in mind Agence XV offers players the opportunity to spend days of immersion in companies to consolidate their  reorientation project and /or discover new professions or sectors of activity.
Agence XV also publishes job offers from companies or from amateur clubs interested in the profiles of rugby players .
 Ten years after its creation, thanks to the support of rugby institutions ( NRL , FRF and Provale) Agence XV is now positioned as a real institutional actor in French rugby and  focuses its actions on the triptych advice/ training/ return to employment.
The Commission for Reorientation Assistance
 This Commission was created in 2005 by the National Rugby League. It can co-fund training actions for professional rugby players who are preparing their reorientation.
  Funding is accessible, under certain conditions, to players who have or have had a professional contract. The Commission grants a co-funding that can be as much as 90%of the training costs left to be paid ( the player always has to self-finance part of the training)
Funding is allocated by the CAR depending on general orientations concerning funding and taking into consideration the social situation of the player as well as his personal project for preparing his reorientation.
Players concerned
  • Professional or pluriactive players who play in the French championship (excluding players from training centres)
  •  Former rugby players (provided that they have played a minimum of 2 seasons on a professional or pluriactive contract) who have been looking for employment for the 2 years after the end of their career.
  • Exceptionally , players who have left the professional sector for more than 2 years .
Serving on the CAR
- Provale representatives
  • Antoine Battut
  • Laurent Baluc-Ritterner
 - A National Rugby League representative
  • Bruno Rolland
- Union of Professional Rugby Clubs representatives
  • Franck Boucher
  • Jean-Patrick Boucheron

Transfers Department

A department for players at the end of their contract and concerned about their future.
Every season numerous players leave the professional sector. There are various reasons for this. In the best case scenario hanging up one’s boots is a choice. Unfortunately, the majority of players have to stop their career because of injury ( loss of licence) non- renewal of contract  but also because of a fruitless search for a new club to play in.
 Every season Provale identifies players at the end of their contracts and proposes that they appear on the list of players in search of a club. When the period of transfers opens the list is regularly updated and sent by us to all the professional clubs  and also to federal clubs looking for players.
Provale is particularly available for players to help them in an active search for clubs and to put them in contact with them.
At the end of the season the rugby players’ union organises an internship for players without a club,  bringing together the voluntary players concerned. On this occasion sports workshops are organised in partnership with a club ( a different one each season) where the players without a club share 2 days with the players from the host club . Finally the professional retraining service sets up group and individual interviews in order to raise awareness among the players of their careers after rugby.

Communication Department

The communication department , at the service of all the departments , answers the need to inform all the participants in French rugby ( players , institutions , partners , the media ,the general public ) of the actions carried out  by Provale.
Good communication can only exist with the right tools!  For this reason the department has developed numerous communication media to keep you updated with information .Provale also organises many events every season and develops its partnership strategy.  Finally, the book  Tronches de rugby ( Rugby Heads ) has reached its 9th edition.
Communication tools
  • " LE MAG"
  • A quarterly magazine distributed to our 5000 contacts where you can read  feature articles , various news items and  portraits and consult the status of files in Provale's different departments. 
  • The Internet site you have here !
  • The monthly newsletter you can subscribe to it by a simple click, on the home page.
  • VIdeos
Numerous videos show Provale's different departments and are projected  during group visits to our clubs.  Of -course videos of events , the short programmes Tronches de rugby (Rugby Heads)and other unusual videos .
  •   Provale's brochure( downloadable)
  •   Social networks
Annual events
  • General assembly
  • Correspondants' day
  • Rugby night , in cooperation with the FFR (French Rugby Federation), the LNR (National Rugby League) and Tech XV
  • Partners' events
  • Match of players without clubs
Provale has several partners  and strives  to develop partnerships so as to continually optimize its services to players . Discover the range of our partnership offers.
Tronches de Rugby (Rugby Heads)
A fund raising book written and published by Provale for the last nine years . This beautiful publication ( 160 pages ) gives male and female players  and other personalities  associated with the sport , the opportunity to  participate  every season in this project by giving  their intimate accounts illustrated with superb sports' photos . This book is on sale in bookshops  and also
in companies at a preferential price . All profits from the sales are given to Provale Solidarité.
 Marie and Mathilde are dedicated to keeping communication alive in the best possible way for the union  of rugby players and are your direct contacts in this department .