Created in April 2014, Provale Solidarité helps current or retired players and supports those in need because the increasingly tough pace in rugby can be difficult to keep up with and the end of a career can often be abrupt and unfortunately we have lost too many former players on the way….
Illness, dependency, social and financial problems. We can help you on the road to better times.
Contact us at 0534400790, no-one can be left on the side of the road.
If you would like to support Provale Solidarité you can give a donation. *.
Your gesture, however big or small will allow us to do our best to support these men.  You can send your contribution, payable to « Provale Solidarité »to the address below.
78, chemin des 7 Deniers
Parc Club des 7 Deniers – Bâtiment 2
31200 Toulouse
*.NOTE BENE : Provale Solidarité is not an association . Your contributions are therefore not tax deductible.