mathis_tronches de rugby_amoureux
©Emmanuel Delandre
TRONCHES DE RUGBY, a tenth édition
PROVALE will sign the tenth anniversary of its annual book, TRONCHES DE RUGBY!
The women, siblings in rugby, the "fanatics", the 1987 generation, the centennial of the Great War, the women, the All Blacks, the rugby union and Olympism, all themes told so far In pictures and through intimate texts of players, but also outside personalities.
You can find each of these editions on our ESHOP page and order it (within the limit of available stocks).
The 2017 edition will pay tribute to the anonymous lovers of rugby, those without whom the players could not evolve on the grounds every weekend: supporters, children, kinés, bus drivers, ...
The reports began a few weeks ago and you can discover our new opus in the coming months.
For companies, know that it is now possible to pre-order the work for any quantity exceeding 20 copies. Simply contact Marie Averland at marie.averland@provale.net or call her directly at 06 88 40 88 14.