e reputation
Provale helps you improve your E-reputation and launches its first E-learning courses.
As part of a call for tenders from the sport branch, to which Provale Training responded, we will soon be offering our members a training entitled "The communication of the athlete with respect to social networks".
For Robins Tchale-Watchou, President of Provale, this training will allow players to better understand their E-environment: "The framework in which players evolve today is constantly changing and social networks play a major role in this. We want to allow athletes to better understand their environment and the issues involved. There are risks, it is obvious, including dismissal, but there are also real opportunities for the development of its own brand (personal branding). Our goal is to give players the best possible tools to perform better. I am very happy that we are innovative in this sector. "
"PROVALE formation" will propose two sessions lasting 14 hours, exclusively in e-learning.
Regarding the financing, it is UNIFORMATION which takes care of all the costs
For all your questions about training or registration please contact:
Laure Vitou: +33 (0) 6 81 88 62 39 - laure.vitou@provale.net
Lucas Bouty: 06 77 80 31 09 - lucas.bouty@provale.net