Commercial partners



With its strong desire for independence to best represent the voice of players, Provale develops its partnership activity by offering multiple business opportunities :

  • Dual career and transition support for players
  • Access to in-house expertise in various fields (legal, training, dual career and transition, tax, financial, medical…) to organize events for the benefit of your company, with the support of our players.
  • Access to the matches of the men’s professional and women’s championships, French national teams (XV and 7s for both men and women)
  • Implementation of action plans of « Corporate Social Responsibility » contributing to the optimization of the values of your company and those conveyed by the player association. 
  • Communication (website, social media, press releases, other)

If you would like to partner up with Provale and would like to receive more information, contact Marie Averland

Contact : Marie Averland

at +336 88 40 88 14

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