Dual career financial support with C.A.R

Déc 24, 2018 | Actualités, Emploi, Formation, Reconversion

The second Commission d’Aide à la Reconversion (C.A.R) that helps players to support their dual career projects took place 10 December.

35 players total have submitted their file that was presented by Provale for the occasion.

« Every season, more and more players are considering dual career support, » says Lucas Bouty, from Provale. That is a very good thing. Preconceived ideas may suggest that players always want to become a coach or a strength conditioner. It’s actually not the case, more and more players have different objective that are really far from the rugby world.»

We presented those non expected transitions in various videos, one showing Christophe Marth transitioning from professional rugby to becoming a steward or Damien Weber currently playing for Colomiers in Pro D2 successfully launching a butchery on top of its rugby career.

For this C.A.R, Luc Ducalcon and Adrien Planté  have submitted a request for financial help in order to create a « crèche » (kinder garden) or Jonathan Best wants to take the CSI exam?

« I was always intrigued and fascinated by this environment  said the third liner of Béziers in Pro D2. I have always had convictions and the desire to be useful. Working in the forensics department helps to move things forward. »

It was quite naturally that Jonathan Best approached Provale to present his file to the Commission d’Aide à la Reconversion:

« The C.A.R is a very good thing for players, says Jonathan Best. Transition after rugby is a social issue. We must continue to make things happen. The LNR and Provale are a valuable help to us. I hope to get my support in June 2019 or June 2020. First of all for me, but also to set an example for the younger generations of players. I’m motivated. »

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