Instant Vestiaires : Marie Averland

Nov 27, 2018 | Actualités, Interview, Partenariat

Marie is Provale longest working employee. She was the first Provale ever recruited. She presents her view on the current state of rugby and Provale. 

After graduating with a Masters degree in European sports management in 2001, she was hired by Provale and she multitasked, from administration to players relation.

It was just the start of the player association when I joined Provale and everything was under construction. My most important memory remains when we drafted the collective agreement. There were a lot of meetings and work groups with players. It was a really interesting time for Provale.

Since she joined Provale, she has had to deal with only 4 different presidents

The type of work we do is really broad and it requires a lot of different skills. I have done many different things since I joined Provale.

In 2005 she joined Provale communication department and started a new project « Tronche de Rugby »

At the start, it was only supposed to be a one-shot type of thing. We drew up portraits of players in our magazine but we wanted to do something different. We soon realized that we could use this opportunity to do some charity work with the book. Now we are at the 10th edition and things are going well.

In the communication department, she works with Mathilde Lacrouts.

Together with Mathilde we are a great duo. We have been working together for more than 9 years now. On top of my activities with Tronche de Rugby I have now taken on a new portfolio: the commercial side of Provale’s work, creating links with companies or firms who would like to associate their image with the image of the players.

Provale has a special place in Marie’s heart since she has always been a big rugby fan and comes from a rugby family.

A lot of people in my family play rugby. I really enjoyed going to games as a kid together with my friends. They were all really into it. Today my son Mathis plays rugby and I hope he learns the values of the sport.



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