International rugby players conference : Provale was there

Déc 4, 2018 | Actualités, Réseau

Each year in November the rugby player associations from around the world have their annual conference. This year it was in Dublin and lasted for 3 days. Provale was present for the meeting. Find out more about the full conference program here

Couple of sessions were organized on specific subjects such as return to play protocol, women rugby and agent certification process that IRP is trying to implement together with Workd Rugby. For Raphaël Vörhinger who attended the meeting as part of Provale’s delegation this meeting is much more than a simple meeting.

« Each player association had an opportunity to present the issues they are currently facing. Those exchanges are really helpful in order to build our own strategy. It brings an added value to the work that Provale is doing especially for foreign players. We had the opportunity to present the « redevance » more in depth. It’s really important for the other player association to know the status of negotiation since it potentially impact their members if they decide to come to France to play professional rugby in the near future »

World Rugby officials also came to present the current discussion on the format of international competition in 2022. Discussions are happening now and will potentially impact all playesfrom around the globe. More info fo come on that subject soon.





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