Interwiew Robins Tchale Watchou

Fév 25, 2018 | Actualités, Interview

Provale : Provale celebrated its 20th anniversary on 12th February last year . How do you feel about that ?

Robins Tchale Watchou : I feel like saying , 20 years already and fortunately 20 years. When we look at our background and what’s at stake for us, 20 years aren’t too much in terms of experience and what we’ve been through and we’ll need it all for the future.

Provale: Your story with Provale began when you contributed to the first edition of ”Tronches de Rugby” in 2007. You were a young player for Auch then and you’ve come a long way to being chairman in 2014. Did you think this would happen ?

RTW : Definitely not ..It’s only in this kind of place that you can have a special career ,that is, to move from being a simple member to chairman. I wouldn’t have bet on myself.

Provale : Were you already interested in union work ?

RTW :Oh yeah ! I have always been a member and always been convinced that players should represent and defend themselves.

Provale : What did you think about the union before being on the board in 2010 when Mathieu Blin was chairman?

RTW : It wasn’t until the seminar “« bilan/perspectives » ( past / future )with Sylvain Deroeux in 2010 that I really understood what was happening inside the structure . I realized that there was a lot at stake that players weren’t aware of .After that  I really wanted to become more involved by being on the board .

Provale : Quels sont selon toi les prochains challenges que Provale devra relever ?


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