Lab Pôle emploi :  » Find concrete solutions that athletes will need for their after-career « 

Jan 23, 2019 | Actualités, Emploi, Emploi, Formation, Formation, Reconversion, Reconversion

Last December 6th, in Toulouse, the first LAB Pôle emploi took place, whose main theme was the career change of athletes. We talked about it a few weeks ago. Discover today a more exhaustive summary of this very enriching day.

The aim of this meeting was to find solutions to better support professional and/or top-level athletes in their training and career change journey by identifying the precise needs of this public and implementing action plans.
About 70 people attended this meeting.

Provale was represented by Lucas Bouty and Jean-François Reymond, who both brainstormed with advisors and managers of the Pôle emploi, former athletes, representatives of different sports federations, clubs, other unions and companies.

The day took the shape of interactive and fun workshops, but also testimonies from two guests in professional career change.

At the end of the day and after analyzing the results of the day, it was agreed to work on the implementation of new digital products dedicated to the career change of athletes such as specific applications or an Internet website, to strengthen the collaboration between various stakeholders by creating meetings and events bringing together clubs, companies, institutions and former high-level athletes who could play the role of “Godfathers”.

« I felt a real enthusiasm and a very strong reactivity from the Pôle emploi to find concrete solutions that athletes will need for their after-career, » concluded Lucas Bouty.

For any question relating to training or career change in general, or to Pôle emploi in particular, you can contact Provale Formation at 05 34 40 07 90.

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