we are surveying the link between concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy with former players

Fév 19, 2019 | Actualités, mental health

Pauline Acquier is currently in her ninth year of her medecine internship. She contacted Provale few weeks ago to see if we could help her implementing a survey for with her thesis on C.T.E. Since Provale is strongly interested providing scientifical data around the concussion issue, we have decided to collaborate for her survey.  She gives us more details on what this study will consist of.

Provale : Can you present us the subject of your thesis?
Pauline Acquier : The first objective is to show a possible link between the number of concussions a player can have during his career and the symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy also known as C.T.E. The secondary objective is to establish a potential link between the level of play, the number of concussions suffered and the possible link between the severity of the concussions and the symptoms of C.T.E
In the U.S, this link has already been studied in boxing and in American football. This has led to a collective awareness and lots of changes for the benefits of players. I had this idea in mind for almost a year ago  now and the dramatic events that happened in rugby recently have strengthened my project.

Provale : Who is this study for?
Pauline Acquier : I want to study a population of former players between the age of 40 and 65 year old. Regardless of the position they played and the level they were playing in. It also doesn’t matter if they have already been concussed during their careers. It’s a questionnaire of 20 questions and it’s really fast to complete the survey. One part must be completed by the former player and another by a family member.

Provale : You have approached Provale to help you with the survey. Why?
Pauline Acquier : It was normal for me to reach out to Provale. You are the institution who have the most connections with players and former players. Provale will help me to contact former players. We will send the questionnaire at the beginning of March and collect the results during a month. It is important that we receive as many responses as possible to ensure that the study is as representative as possible. I will then analyze the data and I will be able to transmit the first results to Provale later this summer. I think a lot of data will come out of this study.
It should be very interesting for the players and it will also allow Provale to continue the work it has done to protect the health and safety of players.

If you are between 40 and 65 years old, a former player, no matter what level you have played, and you want to participate in this survey contact Gwendoline Calvet at Provale on 06 87 71 74 04 or by email gwendoline.calvet@provale.fr




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