Locked Room Instant : Mathilde Lacrouts

Dec 24, 2018 | Actualités, Actualités, Interview, Interview, Réseau, Réseau, Testimony

As every week, discover more about a Provale employee thanks to the Locker Room Instant. This week, Mathilde Lacrouts, communication and press relations officer, will tell you a little more about her. Meeting….

When you’re Gersoise, it’s hard not to fall into the oval pot. Coming from a rugby family, it is in Gimont that Mathilde discovered rugby alongside her father, Jacques, who played it and passed on his passion to her :

“He used to take me to training when I was very young. I also accompanied him on game days. I remember, from the top of my fifth or sixth year, sitting in a corner of the locked room, listening to the pre-match motivations…”

Her father, uncle, brother, cousins… In the Lluell family, the world turns oval.

It is in Auch, that Mathilde will follow her first high-level matches, in the stands. It is also where she will attend her first international meeting, on the occasion of the Latin Cup.

In love with this sport, Mathilde is also passionate about languages, and more particularly Spanish. She also obtained a DEUG in Languages, Letters and Foreign Civilizations, and dreams of becoming a Spanish teacher.

But one day, his meeting with Henry Broncan turned his life upside down. When she was only sixteen years old, the Gers coach suggested that she write the FCAG newspaper to “do a service” for the Gers club, which was then in the Top 16. Hesitant at first, Mathilde is passionate about this new challenge. The following season, the Sud-Ouest newspaper contacted her to become a freelancer in rugby :

“I was very young. I teamed up with Pierre Sabathié, the sports director of the Sud-Ouest newspaper in Auch. I enjoyed doing interviews, portraits and game presentations more and more. I then chose to make it my profession. »

Alongside Yannick, her future husband, who was then a professional prop, she travelled throughout rugby in France and continued to write for the various editions of the Sud-Ouest newspaper. Then, from 2004 to 2007, while her husband was playing in Bordeaux, she was finally able to train for this job:

“I joined the Institute of Information and Communication Sciences, and I specialized in journalism. When you share the life of a professional player, it is not easy to learn in parallel. The opportunity to live three years in the same city allowed me to complete my studies. And that’s when I did my internship at Midi-Olympique. I had no idea I would stay there for two years. »

From 2007 to 2009, Mathilde worked at the Midi-Olympique. A very formative experience :

“I learned a lot in this editorial office. When you’re a girl in this business, you have to know how to make a place for yourself. When you work in an editorial office like Midi-Olympique, you have to be reactive, have the ability to make proposals, work in a team and manage stress. This experience was very formative. »

In 2009, when her husband was about to end her rugby career, Mathilde wants to take on a new challenge :

“Very clearly, I wanted to start a family, to enjoy my weekends more. So I applied to Agency XV, which was looking for someone to handle communication. Then I joined Provale. »

In charge of communication and press relations, Mathilde has been working with Marie Averland for almost ten years:

“It is a pleasure to work together, as it is with my other colleagues. I really like my job. I am particularly involved in video, social networks, the website and the solidarity actions carried out by Provale. I like to meet the players, discover their projects, their reconversions. I like to listen to them and support them when necessary. I feel useful. Provale is useful. What we do for the players makes sense. »

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