Locked Room : Jean-François Reymond

Déc 21, 2018 | Actualités, Interview

Every week, you can learn more about Provale’s employees with «L’instant vestiaires». This week, find out more about Jean-François Reymond, our transversal Project Director since 2017.

Born in Nîmes, Jean-François Reymond tried tennis and football before discovering basketball at the age of 14.:

« I wanted to play handball, but my father convinced me to try basketball. According to him, it was the sport of the future after the 1992 olympics. »

In 1998, at the age of 18, Jean-François started his journey with professional basketball joining Toulouse Spacer’s training center:

« I just stayed for a year, at the end of the season the club went bankrupt. Then I went to Montpellier, still at the training centre for 2 years. Then I played college basketball in the United States for a year and a half. »

When he came back to France, in 2002, he signed his first professional contract with Feurs, the equivalent of the Federal 1 for rugby:

« I spent three great years in this club. Then I went to Toulouges, in National 1. After, I played for two years in Calais, in National 2, and finally in Caen, for one year, in National 2. When I played in these last two clubs, I was also a Master’s student in Sports Law at the Sorbonne University in Paris. »

From his years as a basketball player, Jean-François keeps very good memories:

« I learned to work hard. I didn’t have any particular capacities so I had to work hard to succeed. I also made great friendships and thanks to this sport that I was able to remain in the sporting the environment afterwards. »

In 2008/2009, he became an intern at the Syndicat National des Basketteurs as part of his Master’s degree. He became an employee in 2009 as development manager:

« I was in charge mostly of team visits. In 2013, I took over the role of director ».

In 2017, Jean-François decided to changed sport and joined Provale as director of transversal projects :

« I was approached by Robins Tchale Watchou following the departure of several people in the organization. I knew Provale from my activities at the National Federation of Sports Associations. Nothing is much different between the basketball union and the rugby union. Only the size of the players changes and the size of the ears. I try to bring my expertise in different areas. In particular for the PDM project. That’s why I came to Provale for in the first place. I am also trying to develop the international network so that Provale can be inspired by the best that is being done outside France. »

From the orange balloon to the oval ball, there is only one step. Jean-François Reymond is now 100% focused on rugby:

« I like this sport. I respect the players who plays it. They have qualities and skills that are not found everywhere. We must never forget that ».

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