Locker Room Instant : Gwendoline Calvet

Déc 4, 2018 | Actualités, Interview, Réseau

Every week, you can learn more about Provale’s employees with «L’instant vestiaire». This week, find out more about Gwendoline, the head of provale players’ relation department. She was born and raised in Lens (city in the north of France well known for football) and she had not encounter with rugby at that time. At the age of four, her family decided to move in Ariège. That’s where, she fell in love with rugby.

« At home, nobody was playing rugby, she admits. But when I was young, we were watching games on TV. I have a lot of memories of the V Nations tournament, Serge Blanco’s era, games at the Parc des Princes. »

At the age of six, when rugby wasn’t really widely accepted, Gwendoline took a rugby licence with  rugby club of Laroque d’Olmes. She would play for seven seasons :

« I was playing at the wing or back. It was logical considering my small build (laughs). I was as thin as a needle. But it wouldn’t stop me from being a nasty piece of work. But I wasn’t fighting, it was the boys’ job ! »

« I heard that Provale was looking for a personal assistant to replace Marie Averland during her maternity leave. I told the person at the employment agency that I was applying for the job. Several days later, I was having my interview with Franck Belot who was the Director of Provale at the time. Four months later, I was hired»

For two years, Gwendoline Calvet was Provale full time personal assitant and then later started to work for the player’s relation department.  13 years later, Gwendoline Calvet is still as invested as she was in the beginning and was a witness of numerous changes in the organisation :

« In thirteen years, the rugby in general and the definition of being a professional rugby players has change a lot. I also worked with different presidents, managers and colleagues. When you work for Provale, you need to be adaptable. I’m really satisfied that we are now doing team visits for Federal 1 clubs and also for women players. It was necessary. The players’ health is at the center of our concerns, thgis is a priority for us»

After working with Laurent Arbo and Thomas Choveau, Gwendoline is now working on a daily basis with Yannick Lacrouts :

« I’m really happy to work with Yannick and more generally with all the employees of Provale. We are a young and invested team. It’s a pleasure to work with them as it is to work with the players. Provale can be seen as a toolbox at their service. Here, we make no difference and they are all accompanied in the best way possible. »

It remains to be seen if one day Gwendoline will also accompany her two sons on the rugby field :

« For now one plays handball and the other is doing judo. But they both enjoy rugby, and on the game day, at home, be sure that the atmosphere is great !»

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