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Since 2007, Provale has published a book every year with a charitable vocation. This original idea was born from our desire to involve rugby players in an editorial adventure on various themes. Since the first edition, over the seasons, many players, former and / or active, have lent themselves to the game of writing and posing to serve the various causes. From intimist portraits to the stories of the greatest memories, these multiple books have offered readers the opportunity to discover another facet of our athletes.

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For its tenth edition, Tronches de rugby went to meet these women and men who live rugby everyday. With patience and passion, fervor and conviction. With love in short. In love, this is indeed the word that defines the most accurate these buffs whose rugby Tronches gives you memories, courses, commitments and feelings. Through this gallery of portraits, authentic and touching, it is a little spirit of rugby, his soul and his being, which is here unveiled. With modesty and respect, with emotion and sincerity. Beyond the actors he highlights, Tronches de rugby – Amoureux is a tribute to all those who vibrate for rugby and live for him. A tribute as legitimate as necessary.
Emma (joueuse-éducatrice), Gorka (chanteur), Mariano (arbitre), Mathis (jeune pousse), Yvette (supportrice), Lionel (champion de rugby fauteuil), Ludovic (dirigeant bénévole), Jacques (mémoire d’un club), Guillaume (journaliste), Huguette et Michel (mais aussi Loïc, patrons de bars de supporters), Lili-Miléna-Vlad (famille rugby), Frédéric (formateur) et Eric (entraîneur-vétéran).
144 pages/200 photos Cartonné + jaquette Format italien : 24x22cm Prix public : 27 € (frais de port offerts)
This tenth edition was held in favor of Provale Solidarité whose mission is to help players and former rugby players in great difficulty.
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