By Representing, Supporting and Unifying players, we serve them in areas such as: Player Welfare and Support Player Career, Education and Personal Development Programs, Anti-doping and the WADA code, Player Movement Tournament Terms of Participation (i.e. RWC, Sevens), Injury, Illness and Insurances, Season structure, Laws of the Game, Illegal and Foul play, Agents, International Eligibility,World Rugby regulations

National Rugby Player Associations worldwide are members of International Rugby Players. International Rugby Players’s membership is currently made up of the national Professional Rugby Players’ Associations from each of South Africa, England, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Argentina and New Zealand. All member Associations have representation on the International Rugby Players Board, which has monthly meetings by conference call and at least six-monthly conferences in person.

Countries without established player associations are represented by their national player representative on our Player Leadership group, which covers male and female players across all major rugby competitions in both the 15’s and 7’s game.