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Mar 28, 2019 | Actualités, Réseau

From 20 September to 2 November 2019, the Japanese archipelago will be the first country in Asia to host the Rugby World Cup. On this occasion, Tronches de rugby focuses on the “new worlds” of rugby, those spaces where rugby develops, attracts new audiences and finds new talent.
This trip will take the reader to Japan, which wants to become the first Asian country to qualify for the quarter-finals of a World Cup while preparing the 7 team for the Tokyo Olympics. It will also take us to Brittany, Burgundy, Ile de France or Provence, where initiatives are multiplying to promote rugby, especially among young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Our exploration will continue with a tribute to the burgeoning women’s rugby scene, which is part of the affirmation and emancipation of women players around the world. And who has conquered new audiences with a smile, humility and good play. Our tour will finally end with a focus on Rugby 7, which for years has been exploring the “new worlds” – like Dubai or Kitakyushu – and has provided our sport with a tremendously promising Olympic showcase since 2016.

“If you think the adventure is dangerous, try the routine… It’s deadly! “It is because we share Paulo Coelho’s statement that we wanted a work that was different from the previous ones: voluntarily oriented towards the elsewhere, the unknown or the unknown, and bilingual (French/English) in its entirety. In the end, Nouveaux Mondes does not simply propose to help you discover unknown territories. It is on the future of rugby that he invites us to take a look.

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