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As soon as you join Provale you will benefit from our services. Legal help, dual career and transition, tax and fiscal assistance. There is necessarily one you need. Provale employees are at your disposal to answer all your questions. .


Contact : Amélie Guerrini

06 50 25 75 37

Contact : Raphael Vohringer

06 77 34 32 04


The legal department has two main missions.

First it negotiates the collective agreement for LNR and federal 1 players. Then it provides legal support for members and help in the following domains :

Contracts : being fired from your team, requesting an opinion from the LNR legal committee or non payment of salary.

Health insurance: taking the necessary steps with the insurance companies concerning, permanent disability and long-term medical conditions.

Other legal issues: Elections of the employees representatives or clubs going bankrupt



This department provides a direct and preferential link between players and Provale. There is permanent contact between it and the players chosen as ambassadors by their team mates to ensure communication throughout the season.

The main missions of this department are not only to transmit useful information to the players but  also to collect their questions, comments and any other needs that are later dealt with by the different Provale departments. Every season two team visits to all the professional clubs ( Top 14 and Pro D2) take place.  Visits  are also organised with teams from Federal 1 as well as with the female rugby players from the Top 16 .

On these occasions the different Provale departments are presented to the players using various bilingual tools, ( brochures, videos of players ….) and also in group discussions . Numerous topics are treated ( betting ,doping, health etc… )

During these visits Gwendoline and Yannick have the opportunity to distribute membership forms to all players present who in a few minutes can join the ranks of members for the season.




Membership form 2018/2019

Contact : Gwendoline Calvet

06 87 71 74 04

Contact : Yannick Lacrouts

06 85 76 65 76

Contact : Juan-Martin Berberian

06 87 53 33 47


« Provale Finance » is a financial service that can help you to manage your assets. As soon as you’re a member you can benefit from individual advice.

Juan Martin Berberian can offer you an in-depth study of your personal situation depending on your marital status and assets. Taking into account your sport and personal objectives. It’s always good to have a second objective opinion before undertaking a business suggested by a third party such as: tax exemption, financial investments and / or stock market.

Our objective is not to have you invest in various products but to guide you through the market and understand what it involves.

If you need help doing your tax return, Provale Finance can also help you.

Provale Finance recently received its ORIAS certification (N°17002135)  allowing it to be an insurance broker.

Please contact Juan-Martin Berberian to set up an individual interview via skype or face to face.


Provale Formation helps you all along your career and gives you dual career support to ease your transition to your life after rugby.

As well as creating innovative partnerships with universities Provale Formation also offers players training adapted to the constraints of the sport calendar.
Laure, Candice and Lucas are there to help you whether you have thought about your after rugby career or not.

Provale Formation also offers training to players in training centers several times a year.The range of issues addressed during these training sessions include antidoping, integrity in sport and matchfixing as well as information concerning your professional environment.

Finally Provale Formation helps you to compile funding files for C.A.R demands or any other organisation.


Si vous souhaitez apporter votre soutien à Provale Solidarité, vous pouvez faire un don*.
Votre geste, petit ou grand, permettra d’accompagner au mieux ces hommes.

Vous pouvez envoyer votre contribution à l’ordre de « Provale Solidarité » à l’adresse suivante :

78, chemin des 7 Deniers
Parc Club des 7 Deniers – Bâtiment 2
31200 Toulouse

* Attention : Provale Solidarité n’est pas une association. Vos dons ne sont donc pas déductibles de vos impôts.

Contact : Mathilde Lacrouts

06 47 19 73 79


All together !

Created in April 2014, Provale Solidarité is an association which helps active or retired players and supports those in need. Through different actions Provale Solidarity has already given financial support to several players in need.

If you need a helping hand contact us at 05 34 40 07 90

Commercial partners

With its strong desire for independence to best represent the voice of players, Provale develops its partnership activity by offering multiple business opportunities :

  • Dual career and transition support for players
  • Access to in-house expertise in various fields (legal, training, dual career and transition, tax, financial, medical…) to organize events for the benefit of your company, with the support of our players.
  • Access to the matches of the men’s professional and women’s championships, French national teams (XV and 7s for both men and women)
  • Implementation of action plans of « Corporate Social Responsibility » contributing to the optimization of the values of your company and those conveyed by the player association. 
  • Communication (website, social media, press releases, other)

If you would like to partner up with Provale and would like to receive more information, contact Marie Averland.


Contact : Marie Averland

06 88 40 88 14
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