What is the role of Provale?

Provale’s mission is to negotiate, on behalf of the players, the collective agreement for professional rugby (CCRP) and the collective agreement for the players of Federal 1. In addition, Provale represents the voice of the players in the rugby governing bodies at both a French and international level.

What are Provale's missions?

Provale defends the collective and individual rights / interests of professional rugby players currently playing in France.

Who can join Provale ?

All current and active rugby players.

How to join Provale ?

It’s really easy. You just have to complete the membership form and process your payment either during the team visit or online directly here.

What services do I benefit from as a member of Provale ?

  • Legal department for all your questions regarding contract or any other legal advice.
  • Finance department, for all your questions regarding your investment and/or taxes
  • Dual career department, for all your questions regarding dual career support
  • An insurance included with your membership

Is my membership fee tax deductible ?

Yes, 66% of your membership fees are deductible from your income taxes. You will receive a tax receipt in March of the sporting season. This system is still valid with the introduction of withholding tax in 2019.

Do I need to take complementary medical coverage ?

Yes, it is advisable to take an additional insurance, even if you are covered by the  collective agreement.


What is the term of elected representatives to Provale's board ?

They are elected for a 4 year term, renewable only once.

How can I apply to become a board member ?

The board is elected by lists. Each list must be submitted at least 2 months before the date of the elective general assembly.

How to submit my candidancy for the board ?

It’s easy,  you just have to use this link !

How to become a Provale commercial partner ?

If you or your company is interested in associating your image to Provale’s image, you just need to contact Marie Averland at this address.

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