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Provale’s action is for LNR, Federal 1 players as well as players from the women’s league.
There are several levels of expertise. First of all with our members. Throughout the season we visit the players from all LNR teams. The team visits are a unique opportunity for players to join Provale. We also use this opportunity to present them with the key issues they are facing and where players’ perspective is strongly needed. These exchanges are Provale’s daily work.
The role of Provale is mainly the negotiation of the rugby collective agreement. The CBA meetings usually take place every month and allow all actors (employers’ and employees’ representatives) to address the topics that affect the working conditions of LNR players.
In addition, we have also developed services for our members: Dual career support with « Provale Formation », financial and fiscal with « Provale Finance »
and finally the legal service for players who are faced with individual legal issues.
For players currently playing in Féderal 1, Provale negotiates the collective agreement. This agreement guarantees them legal rights as workers.
Provale represents players’ interests wherever it is needed with the professional league (LNR) and the Federation (FFR). This political representation is very important for asserting the rights of rugby players playing in France.

Ligue Nationale de Rugby

  • LNR executive committee (1 seat)
  • General assembly (1 seat)
  • Youth players commission (invited)
  • Medical commission (invited)
  • Legal commission (1 seat)
  • Dual career commission (2 seats)
  • CBA negotiation (with Tech XV, UCPR and representatives of the LNR)


  • LNR collective agreement (vacation, minimum wage,  insurance provision, C.A.R)

Fédération Française de Rugby

  • Executive Board (invited)
  • General assembly (invited)
  • Youth players commission (1 seat)
  • Medical commission (1 seat)
  • Agents commission (1 seat)
  • Collective agreement meetings (with Tech XV, Cosmos, and the representative from the FFR)


  • The collective agreement for Federal 1 players (vacations, minimum wages, insurance provision)
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